Ibanez Roadstar 2 Stratocaster Japan

Item: Ibanez Roadstar 2 Stratocaster
Made in Japan 1984
Price: $700
If you're looking for a stratocaster style guitar, you can go to a music store and buy a Chinese guitar for more money or you can buy an affordable vintage Ibanez Roadstar II and get a guitar that not only sounds good and was built great, but is a guitar that will hold its value. (Not to mention the cache from being an Ibanez Roadstar II owner.) 

This guitar has its share of nicks. There are a couple of dings in the finish about the size of a dime but not visible from the front. The neck has a couple of small nicks, one on the back and one small one up high on the neck. None of these things affects the great playability and sound of this guitar at all! 

The sound and feel - This is a great sounding guitar. There's no whammy bar on these guitars, so as a result, you get great organic sustaining great sound. You can feel the notes through the body of the guitar. Maple neck with great slinky action. This guitar also sounds great with both regular light strings and superb with slightly heavier strings (ie. d'addario jazz/rock set). All original except for one perfectly matched bridge saddle (but chrome not gold). Otherwise mint,

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