About Roadstar

I am a musician (guitarist) and all 'round multifaceted self-employed person living in Toronto. I usually have a few things for sale, from musical instruments to curios. I prefer to sell locally, but will consider international shipping. The biggest problem there is my lack of time to take care of shipping. I am incredibly busy. So, with that in mind, please feel free to send me an email just in case I'm feeling motivated.

Thanks for all of your inquiries about the RRC to midi converter. Somehow I just can't bear to separate it from its family of devices. The Roland guitar synth controller, the RMC100 pedal that goes with it, and the RRC to midi converter should all stay together as a package. If you separate them you will regret it. So if you're interested in the whole package, let me know.

One of these days, I'm going to post some of my favourite curios. I really connect with "things" as a way to invoke ideas, memories, learning and emotion. This is not a "material things" kind of obsession, but a need to gaze upon the physical object and revel in what it has to offer me. Usually small things, or objet d'art, or a pair of pink flamingos, will generally do the trick.
More to come...and visit again, I add new things regularly.

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