Art SGX T2 Guitar Multieffects 1-rack unit

Art SGX T2 Guitar Multieffects and Pitch Transposer and programmable preamp.

An excellent guitar multieffects that I used for years. It has spent all of its life in a rack, used and loved. I used it with a Roland GM70 Midi controller (which I also have for sale). Ev5 pedals on the GM70 control real time in the SGX T2. It was a nice setup! (and still could be for someone)

Vintage (80s) rackmount multi-effects processor with compressor, gate, expander, delays, reverbs, acoustic environment simulator, phaser, flanger, chorus, distortions, tone generator, tuner, level, envelope filter, tremolo, and equalizer. Stereo in and stereo out as well as MIDI in/thru/out (used with foot controller)
Price: $150
Email: or call 416-409-2884

 Rear view

Here it is in my 2-space rack with the Roland GM70 [more about this]

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  1. hey bro, is this for guitar or bass , im looking for A rack multi effects unit that is pretty decent ~